Heidi.com is a company based in St-Blaise on the side of Lake Neuchâtel. Started up in 2004 by Andrea Doering and Willy Fantin. Heidi.com designs, develops and manufactures fashion apparel and custom designed label.  It is due to its in-house expertise that the company is in charge of all stages of creation, manufacturing, sales and delivery relating to all kind of apparel.  Heidi.com develops 4 collections a year and gives a huge amount of importance to detail.


Heidi.com is above all a street wear brand which transcribes the values of purity, sobriety and the qualities that are inherent to the image that Switzerland spreads all over the world.  The logo represents creativity, « Heidi » the alpine values (purity) and the « .com » communication, openness of mind.

Private Label

Since 2010, heidi.com has opened a « private label » department in order to meet the huge demand from businesses, brands and associations.  The company’s strength is to be able to offer an in-house styling and graphic design service which allows the company to offer unique lines by working with shape, colours shade, corporate labelling and many other forms of personalisation. Just contact Andreas Doering to find out more. andreas(at)heidi(dot)com, +41 (0)76 328 93 54

The Brand

Both the name and the logo are registered by OMPI and are protected by international copyright law.

Fbg du Lac 5
2000 Neuchâtel

Ph. +41 32 730 46 57