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Since 2010, has offered a personalised service for the design, production and distribution of clothes and accessories. The “Private Label” department responds to requests from businesses, brands and associations.


Stylists, graphic designers, production officers and logistics managers use their skills and expertise to develop collections of unique designs, to manage production or to personalise existing products.


At the forefront of new trends and markets, develops product ranges with a coherent pricing and quality strategy while respecting the institutions’ identities and values.


“Private Label” at includes:


- Research into the type of products and models

- Research into materials and colours

- Preparation of datasheets for production or identification

- Design and production of samples


Textile production is impossible in Switzerland, which is why opts for a predominantly European solution that guarantees responsible, ethical and moral behaviour. produces quality clothes and accessories while reducing the distances travelled and thus contributing to the preservation of the environment.


Production monitoring is guaranteed throughout the entire manufacturing process (spinning, weaving, dyeing, manufacturing, printing, embroidery, etc.) with inspections and quality controls at different stages in order to respect the price, the quality and the deadline.


Inspections from on-site production officers or with the help of independent inspection companies, as well as regular visits to the factories by the team, guarantee a faultless and coherent production chain.


Examples of customisable products:


- T-shirts

- Poloshirts

- Sweaters

- Pullover

- Shirts

- Trousers

- Dresses

- Jackets

- etc.

private label wholesale clothing


From the factory gates to final delivery,’s “all-inclusive” product delivery offers you a complete transportation and logistical service, dealing with customs, taxes, VAT, insurance and the choice of carrier.


From 9am to 6pm

+41 (0)32 730 46 57


Examples of customisable products:


- Belts

- Caps

- Hats

- Patches

- Purses

- Bags

- etc.

private label wholesale accessories

Brand identification techniques

Examples of customisable products:


- Screen printing

- Transfers

- Embroidery

- Patches

- Textiles labels

- Buttons

- etc.

private label wholesale screen printing