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For multi-brand retailers, a pop-up store, an event or a new store

Minimum space for maximum exposure. offers brand new alternative technology to its retailers. Thanks to an interactive terminal designed by the architects Zaha Hadid, it is now possible to present an entire collection in 2m², by combining the physical with the virtual. A revolution in the world of fashion retail.

Optimisation of space

It is currently becoming increasingly difficult for a retailer to present an entire collection of clothing to their clients, due to limited display space, optimised stocks, and aggressive, irregular sales. offers the solution to these retail sale challenges in its one-metre satellite terminal. It can be installed in shops, airports, hotels, clubs or even service stations. Virtual technology enables the buyer to visualise all the pieces of a collection on the terminal, even if they aren’t all physically on display.

Technical aspects

The terminal is divided into four sections: client recognition, products, profile, and extras (games, competitions). Altogether, it is designed to make the client experience original and entertaining.
Existing clients are authenticated. The terminal then offers them a selection of clothing, influenced by their previous purchases. Once completed, their purchases are integrated into a loyalty programme, which offers rewards to clients according to the value of their purchases.
Finally, the buyer decides where the merchandise will be delivered – to his home or to the store – which increases traffic for the terminal’s web provider.
The retailer no longer needs stock as the merchandise is centralised in’s warehouse.


As well as reducing the display space required, the terminal also enables commission to be attributed directly to the retailer. As soon as a purchase is completed, the terminal, which is associated with a particular retailer, is identified and the commission paid automatically.

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