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You have no items in your shopping cart. S. A. is a Swiss company that specialises in the production of ready-to-wear apparel for men/women. Founded in Canton Neuchâtel, Switzerland in 2004 by Andreas Doering and Willy Fantin. has revamped the Heidi legend, the Swiss novel from 1880, giving it a renewed, contemporary image.


From creation to development, via the manufacture of garments, controls all stages of production to delivery point. has a fresh, positive approach on the fashion world that also broadcasts Swiss experience on a national and international scale. The brand rewrites the authentic and quality positive values that are linked to Switzerland’s reputation.


To portray positive values linked to Switzerland through fashion, offering products and an innovative purchasing experience with solutions linking the virtual to the physical.


Heidi Vision



From design to communication, the originality of is transmitted through its products and marketing.



The search for a balance between the alpine origins of Heidi and the quality of life in an urban environment “ALPINE ROOTS MEET URBAN CREATIVITY”



The spirit of openness in terms of tolerance, innovation and cultural mix.

Heidi values alpine roots meet urban creativity


Textile production in Switzerland is impossible which is why try to opt for a predominantly European solution, guaranteeing responsible, ethical and moral conduct. choses to produce quality made clothes and accessories whilst at the same time reducing distance travelled and thus contributing to the protection of the environment.

heidi production

Sponsoring supports and sponsors culture, especially in the music and audio-visual spectrum.


heidi bastian baker


Trace your product’s dna at and enjoy.

Available information to consumers includes brand information and price but little else. As a result, consumers remain in a state of semi-ignorance regarding the products they wish to consume.

This is about to change!

With our Respect code enables to view the different production stages of any referenced product carrying a QR code or a single numerical code: exact origin of the raw materials, identification of the factories, audits and certificates, social and ecological indicators.