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Top tips for ski weekends and short ski holidays

3 Feb, 2023
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Sarah Cramer
Sarah Cramer
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Not only do short ski trips tend to be cheaper because you save on accommodation, you'll also save on lift passes and ski hire too, and it means at least one of your flights isn’t on a busy Saturday. All this makes for budget wins everywhere. But aside from the obvious wallet savings, here’s a few other Heidi tips you’ll be glad to know about short ski holidays.

1. Pack light

Make your airport experience as quick as possible, so pack light and only take a carry-on. You can hire your skis, boots and helmets at the resort.

2. Choose resorts with short flights and short transfers

The quicker you get to the resort, the more time you’ll have on the slopes. So be savvy about where you go for your short ski holiday. 

3. Be savvy about flight times

If you can make it work, choose flight times that get you into the resort in time to pick up your ski hire and passes when you arrive, so you can get straight onto the slopes first thing in the morning. 

4. Go for ski resorts that aren’t too big

This partly depends on just how short your trip is, and how advanced you are as a skier, but if you are just going for a few days, you might not get the most out of a lift pass for a massive ski area. So check the size of the resort and go for one where you'll be able to make the most of your lift pass.

5. Opt for a private transfer if you can

The key win here is you aren’t hanging around at an airport, and can head straight to the resort.

Chairlifts above ski slope at sunset
6. Stay close the slopes

Choose accommodation that is close to the slopes or ski-in/ski-out, so you can catch the first lifts and ski all day.

7. Eat lunch on the lifts

Save time queuing for food, and grab a lunch on your way out in the morning that you can eat on the move. There’s normally plenty of time on a long lift to savour the view and catch-up on the calories.

8. Plan your days

Avoid coming home with run-regret - there’s nothing worse than arriving back and realising you missed out on a gem. So make a plan before each day so you can maximise your time - and in busy peak periods, book your restaurant ahead so you aren’t looking around for somewhere to eat, and can make the most of your evenings too.

We love a short ski break here at Heidi and we’re seeing it as a key trend with our customers too. Almost anywhere is possible in a few days, but these tips combined with our hot-list of resorts that really lend themselves to a short ski break, will really help you make the most of precious days on snow-capped mountains.

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