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Non skiers

Welcome to Ruka Ski Resort

Ruka is a winter wonderland that promises to take your skiing experience to new heights! Located in the heart of Finnish Lapland, Ruka boasts over 200 days of snow each year, making it a must-visit destination for ski families. If you venture to Ruka around Christmas time, you might even spot a red-suited, bearded man being towed by Finland’s native reindeer.
Resort Information
Resort Altitude
Total Piste KM
No. Skilifts
Snow Range
Ruka ski runs & ratings
TOTAL: 19km
Beginner(Distance: 9km)
Intermediate(Distance: 7km)
Advanced(Distance: 3km)

Hotels & Apartments in Ruka

Our top recommended hotels and apartments. To find the perfect one for you, speak to one of our specialists

Hotel Arctic Zone

Ruka, Finland
  2 minute walk

Hotel Royal Ruka

Ruka, Finland
  4 minute bus

Hotel Rukatonttu

Ruka, Finland
  1 minute walk
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