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Top tips for skiing with young children

6 Dec, 2022
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Sarah Cramer
Sarah Cramer
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Top Tips For Skiing With Kids

Skiing with kids for the first time? Awesome! Getting little ones familiar with snow early is a surefire way to ignite a life-long passion for cruising the mountains. But there are a few things you need to know before you go. Be prepared and get set for an unforgettable family ski holiday (for all of the right reasons) with Heidi's top tips for skiing with kids. 

Hit the snow dome 

Get the kids ready for a super skiing holiday with a trip to a snow dome before you go. Lessons at snow domes will help prepare them for all the fun that’s about to come their way. This may also save you some cash. Lessons on the slopes can be expensive, so covering the basics at home means they might progress quicker and not need as many sessions on the mountain. 

Avoid peak times if you can

If you have pre-school children, take a look at the first two weeks of January when ski holidays are cheaper and the slopes are quieter. For older families who have no choice but to ski during the school holidays, Easter is a tiptop time to book a trip. The prices tend to be lower than in the February half-term, and you’ll enjoy warmer temperatures and longer days on the slopes. Bring on the goggle tan! 

Ski in, ski out 

Swot up on where your accommodation is located within the ski resort. Ski-in and Ski-out accommodation is ideal for skiing with kids; if you have to walk anywhere, then muggins here will end up carrying all of their ski kit. Oh, and you’ll probably have a grom on your shoulders too! 

Book a private transfer or hire a car

Have you thought about how you are getting from the airport to your ski resort? When you’ve got kids in tow, you want the quickest and most fuss-free way possible. Shared transfers can take time and involve waiting at the airport. But a private transfer or car hire takes you from door to door. Plus, friendly drivers may go via a supermarket so you can grab supplies at a sensible price before you head up into the mountains. 

Don’t skip ski lessons

Avoid tears and tantrums by booking some ski-school lessons for the kids. It may be tempting to teach them yourself, but trust us, it isn’t worth the inevitable fallout! Let them have fun and make friends in the morning while you enjoy some time on the slopes kid-free. Hurrah! Then get together in the afternoon for more skiing or fun family time on the toboggan run. Now that’s what we call a good day on the slopes. 

Travel with other families

Chances are, older children prefer hanging out with kids their own age rather than risk being embarrassed by their parents on the slopes. Sound familiar? A great way to overcome this is to join up with other families. Take over an entire chalet and enjoy the luxury of having your own communal space. What a riot! The kids can head to ski school together while the adults hire a private mountain guide for the day. Everyone’s happy! 

Layer up

Make sure the kids have plenty of suitable clothing before hitting the pistes. Good quality gloves and warm socks are well worth the investment. And a kid-sized balaclava will not only keep their head warm but also make putting on and taking off their helmet so much easier! Thermals are a must – top and bottom; too many layers are far better than too few. 

Stomp those boots

Ski boots will feel very strange when your mini-skier puts them on for the first time. Have some fun stomping around in the snow before their first ski lesson so they can get used to the fit. Another top tip is to warm up the boots before they pop them on in the morning. They’ll feel super snug and toasty, and the plastic will be more flexible.

Plan your meals

Planning to eat lunch on the mountain? You may need to book a table in advance, especially during the school holidays. Aim to eat around 11 am to avoid peak times; you’ll have loads more space for the kids to cause mayhem. And don’t forget to take some snacks with you; no one wants to get caught out by a hangry toddler or teenager on the slopes! 
Children having fun in the snow with sledges

Take a break from skiing

From good old-fashioned snowball fights to adrenaline-fuelled tobogganing, taking time out for some fun off the pistes will keep the kids energised. It makes for some pretty special family memories too. Another top tip is to look for hotels with a pool; making a splash after a big morning on the slopes is a great way for kids big and small to unwind.

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