Lakeside leisure with show-stealing beauty
Slovenia’s number one resort is so pretty that it’s not just a destination for hikers and bikers. The gorgeous lake with its cliff-edge castle, and single island bearing a charming little church, gives a classically romantic appeal. Easy-going walking trails and inviting grassy banks on the shore make for perfect picnic days. And, opportunities to get out on the water just can’t be neglected, so hire a row-boat or a paddleboard and get out there. There are no motor boats allowed on the lake, which makes it even more idyllic.
6 reasons we think you’ll love Lake Bled
Medieval fortress
Magnificently perched high above the lake sits Bled Castle Slovenia’s oldest castle. Its rich history, which dates back to the 11th century, can be explored in the onsite museum. And, during summer months you can watch medieval performances.
Bled island
With its pretty church tower emerging from the trees, you’ll see why this tiny island in the centre of Lake Bled is so well-photographed. Once you’ve got your photo, take a traditional pletna boat taxi over for a closer look.
Lakeside amble
There are several hiking routes you can take straight from town, but the best is the lakeside path. Wander past stunning waterfront villas, local eateries, and inviting swimming spots as you take the easy 6km trail.
Wine tasting
Don’t pass up the opportunity to sample a selection of Slovenia’s top wines from across the country’s different wine regions. You can even sample a local drop in the cellar of Bled Castle, where you’ll also learn old bottling techniques.
Boardwalk over a river
Yet another jaw-droppingly gorgeous natural wonder, the Vintgar gorge is unmissable. Camera at the ready as you walk the 1.6 km length of the gorge via a wooden path that zigzags over the river, leading to the impressive Šum river waterfall.
A refreshing swim
On a hot summer day there is nothing more refreshing than a swim outside. There are plenty of spots on Lake Bled where you can dip a toe, ranging from free public lidos to private hotel swimming areas.

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